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Software development is probably one of the most rewarding and anticipated career paths at the moment. Millions of people from all over the world choose to program as their profession and rarely regret it. Along with high salaries and exciting projects, these specialists often get remote work and enough free time for personal matters. For more reasons to choose to code, read our article below.

Software Developers

1. Always in demand

Do you know how many programmers are there in the world in 2023? Tens of millions and the number of vacancies is even bigger! Almost every industry needs people who would create software and applications tailored to their needs and goals. This means that when choosing software development, your professional future will hardly be at risk. If one door closes, there will surely be plenty of others on the horizon.

2. Lots of career paths

Software development is not a single occupation. There are literally tens of options that unlock once you master a particular coding language and obtain related skills. For example, database administrator, QA engineer, data analyst, Scrum master, R&D, technical support, DevRel, and technical writer. The choice of industries is also broad because everyone from marketing agencies to research labs needs a programmer of their own.

3. High salaries

Another solid reason to choose software development is salary. Junior developers may start from $60,000 per year and senior programmers can get more than $150,000 plus bonuses and perks. There is actually no limit because there are software developers who earn millions of dollars from their own software and apps.

4. A chance to change the world

Although it sounds pompous, software developers really have a chance to shape the future. Life becomes simpler, safer, and more convenient with the instruments, programs, and devices they create. You can work in data protection, education, healthcare, and even rocket science to make the world a better place.

5. Lots of travel opportunities

Many software developers, especially experienced ones, attend conferences, exhibitions, and colleagues across the world. It becomes an integral part of their job and gives a unique opportunity to discover new cultures with all expenses covered. Recently, more and more software developers went remote which gave them another huge advantage – working from any country of their choice.

6. Gives way to creativity

Some people believe that programming is boring and doesn’t give space for creativity but they are mistaken. At some point, software development is similar to art because you have a blank page and need to craft your own masterpiece with lines of code. Just like building a Lego city from scratch!

7. Constant learning

To remain demanded and perform their tasks at a high level, software developers need to learn on a daily basis. Technologies constantly evolve and so should you! Luckily, there are thousands of options to choose from:

  • News and updates at online magazines and professional forums
  • Courses and video lessons
  • Training programs that provide a certificate upon successful completion
  • Communication with colleagues and industry experts, and more

8. Low stress levels

Another reason why we love software development so much is that it is a rather laid-back and stress-free occupation. Yes, there are times when you need to work late to finish the project on time but usually, the deadlines are adequate and easy to fulfill. Programmers don’t interact with customers and rarely have to perform in front of a big crowd which is a great option for introverts and people with anxiety.

9. Great community

Software developers have one of the most active and broad communities, so you can easily find same-minded people to chat with and even start a new project with. For example, at Git Hub you can show your work, grade others, and interact with programmers from all over the world.


Software development is a career that doesn’t care what academic background, previous work history, ethnicity, or gender you have. All that is needed is a passion for coding and strong analytical skills. In return, you get an attractive salary, a great work-life balance, and almost unlimited opportunities to grow and evolve. If you still doubt, take free online courses to decide whether software development is something you might like. Tipz Today Tips

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