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Flick is home to billions of photos and millions of groups of passionate photographers – Flickr, it is all about inspiration and positive interactions.

If someone (another member) is causing any sort of problem for you, then you can block them from adding any sort of comments, notes, or tags to your content and also then they won’t be able to contact you through FlickrMail. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

What is Flickr? Who is it for?

Flickr is an online photo-sharing platform specially made for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts who can share their work and connect with the like-minded people. Even those who have a casual interest in photography can use the digital galleries and discover creative photography.

Features on Flickr:

It is free to use and after you sign up you will be able see many features like groups in which you can share photos and interact with people having the same interest.

In Flickr you can also edit your photos with the Organizer Tool. Flickr is a customer to customer (C2C) business, which allows consumers to buy and sell directly between each other and no other third party is involved.

There are some more features which makes Flickr one of the most productive and consumer friendly website in 2022.

  • Profile

Like your profile on Instagram, Flickr also have its own profile where you can share your media and other people can see and react to it as well.

  • Galleries

Flickr’s gallery seems very stimulating and exciting because you can add other users media to your gallery.

  • Albums

This feature enables you to organize photos in a digital album. We can use it like we organize our photos and videos of specific occasions separately. Professional photographers can use specific album for a specific client.

  • Photostream

Photostream feature is just like Facebook but just a little different. Photostream is the collection of your own photos and videos which belongs to you.
Other members can only see it if your photos and videos are set to public. If they are set to private then only you and other members to whom you have allowed will be able to view your content.

  • People

Flickr have more than 200 million registered accounts and tens of billions of photos. Everyday 3.5 million + photos are uploaded to Flickr.
Many people become friends on Flickr based on their similar interest. They build communities and grow together.

You can also import your contacts from your Gmail or Facebook and can connect with your loved ones on Flickr.

  • Favs

When you use Flickr, below every photo shared there is a star button that you can click to mark it as your favorite and later you can see it in the “Favs” tab on your profile.
This way you can save the photo and view it whenever you want. This is a very handy feature that Flickr provides its users with.

  • Stats

You can also see how your photos are being discovered by looking at the stats feature. This feature can help anyone who wants to grow their followers or build a brand or a community. You’ll be able to see your progress through graphs and charts representing your recent views, watch time, etc.

How to Block Someone in Flickr?

If you are using Flickr on a web browser then follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the members profile, then click the 3-dot menu located in the middle of the cover photo.
Block Someone in Flickr
  • Click Block {member’s name}.
  • Now Click Block again to confirm the changes.
    • Click on the Bell Icon to open notifications.
    • Select the ‘…’ more options icon to the right of the notification.
    • Click Block {member’s name}.
    • Now Click Block again to confirm the changes

Once they are blocked, they will never be able to add your photos to galleries or mark them as their Faves.


Playing around with various features is always the best way to learn about a platform. Flickr is one of simplest platform in which you can work and have fun on and you know if someone creates a problem for you, then just by following a few easy steps will yield desirable results. Flickr offers much more features that are mentioned above. So get started today with FLICKR.

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