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Flickr is an online American photo and video sharing platform which was founded on February 10th, 2004. It offers you great value and features that no platform offers to date. It is a community of photographers who provide you with high-quality photos and videos.

Every day 3.5 million+ photos and videos are uploaded on Flickr. To date, Flickr has 20 billion images on its website and 10 million groups. Features of Flickr are the ones that make Flickr unique in their way. Flickr also takes privacy very seriously and hence it takes necessary steps when needed.

Where is the setting on Flickr?

Flickr is a very easy platform that you can major in by just playing around here and there. But sometimes Flickr’s settings can be very frustrating and time-consuming. By following a few simple steps you can find settings on Flickr.

Access settings on the website

  1. Go to the Flickr website.
  2. Click on the profile icon on the top right corner of the page. Click settings.

Access settings on the app

  1. Go to the Flickr app and click on the profile logo in the middle.
  2. Now click on the three dots and now you can access settings.

What are the available settings in Flickr?

  1. Auto-Uploader – Through a pro subscription, you can access this feature. A Pro subscription provides you with unlimited storage on your account. Auto-Uploader is used to store and back up your photos and videos. Stored photos are kept private until you choose to share them with the world.
  2. Notifications – Like on Instagram you can enable and disable notifications; you can also enable or disable notifications on Flickr. If you enable notifications on Flickr you will be able to see the notifications on your cell phone even if the app is closed.
  3. Privacy and Safety – You can see multiple features under this setting like default privacy, location privacy, safety level, import EXIF location data and safe search filter. 
  4. Default Privacy: You have to choose the default privacy option if you want to upload your content manually.
  5. Location Privacy: You can choose who can see your location after you upload your photo.
  6. Safety Level: You can choose a safety level based on the content you upload. This will affect who can see your photos and videos based on what filter they use in their safe search. You can stick with the moderate option.
  7. Safe Search Filter: You can choose between normal and explicit content that will be shown in your feeds.
  8. Import EXIF location data: You can also choose whether or not your location data is uploaded on Flickr while uploading your content.
  9. Use Native Video Camera: If you don’t want to use Flickr’s camera mode while taking photos then, you can switch to your device’s camera by enabling this feature.

These settings are only available on the Flickr app. To access more Flickr settings you have to switch to the desktop version of Flickr.

Can people see my photos and videos on Flickr?

Yes, people can see your photos and videos on Flickr. When you upload your photos and videos on Flickr the default setting is set to public. If it is set to public then everyone can see it.

But if you don’t want others to see your content then you can simply set it to private. You can also select who can see it when it is set private.

How to change privacy settings on Flickr?

To change privacy settings on Flickr follow these simple steps given below:

Changing privacy settings on the website

  • Open the web browser and search Flickr.
  • After signing in, Click the YOU option in the top left corner of the website
  • Now click on the Camera Roll option.
  • Now select the photo you want to set to private.
  • Now you can choose the privacy of your photo.

Changing the privacy setting on the app

  1. Open the app on your device. After signing in, click the profile icon in the middle of the screen.
  2. Now go to the Camera Roll, and select the photo you want.
  3. Click on the info icon.
  4. Now you can see all the information about your photo.
  5. Click on the Public option and edit the privacy.


Flickr is a platform where you can organize, upload, and share your photos and videos online. Flickr is all about how near we can go to perfection.

Features like groups, individual albums, stats, etc., really make using Flickr more fun and exciting. Privacy is the number one priority of Flickr. By following the simple steps mentioned above you can set and edit your privacy.

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