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Flickr is an online photo and video sharing website used to upload, organize, and share. It is used by professionals and amateur photographers. It only deals with high-quality photos and videos. It is not like Facebook or Instagram where you can just post whatever you want.

Flickr provides you with tools that can boost your workflow and help you grow. Flickr has a friendly interface and anyone can learn it in a day. Sometimes people face some problems that can be very frustrating and which can ruin their experience with Flickr.

You can contact Flickr customer service or help through their website ( or you can mail them, and you can also submit a request while mentioning your problem.

Common issues that people face while using Flickr:

  1. How to recover a Flickr account.
  2. Flickr deleting your account.
  3. How to submit a request on Flickr.
  4. How to contact Flickr customer service.

How to recover a Flickr account?

People, who don’t use their Flickr account as often, might forget their login information. Here’s how you can recover it.

  • Open your browser, and then go to
  • Now tap on account access.
  • Now tap on the Flickr account recovery process.
  • Now select the problem that you are facing while logging in to your Flickr account. As in this case, user is not able to remember his/her login email address. After identifying your problem, Click next
  • Now tap on I’ll like to gain access to the account.
  • Now read the steps and follow them accordingly.
  • Now tap on Yes or No.

Flickr deleting your account.

Flickr might delete your account for multiple reasons. The main reasons that your account is deleted or is going to get deleted are given below.

  1. You might be uploading other users’ videos and images. If you don’t own these images and videos you might get in trouble. Sooner or later your Flickr account might get deleted or suspended.
  2. You might be uploading the same photo again and again for commercial advertising. This might get the attention of the Flickr staff and they might end up deleting your account. You must not spam your uploads on Flickr.
  3. People, who do not have so much following on Flickr, try to spam their links to other people’s comment sections. This can get your Flickr account suspended or permanently deleted.
  4.  You might be uploading or sharing explicit content, and you might be violating Flickr’s policy and Flickr might not allow it. This is a serious issue and you will get in trouble for posting adult content on Flickr.

How to submit a request on Flickr?

  1. Open your browser, and then go to
  2. Then in the top right corner of the page click Contact Us.
  1. Now fill up the form carefully and click on submit.

How to contact Flickr customer service?

You have tried to find a solution to your problem but nothing works. Don’t feel hopeless. Flickr will help you and they will try to find a perfect solution to your problem. There are multiple ways through which you can contact them. Let’s see how they work.

  1. Flickr mail – Flickr mail is the best way to send and receive emails from Flickr. If someone is troubling you on Flickr then you can block them through Flickr mail. After blocking them, they will not be able comment, or add tags, and they will not be able to add your photos and videos to their Favs.
  2. You can also contact Flickr through If you have any concerns about their privacy policy, you can contact them through this email.
  3. Submit a request – If you want to recover your Flickr account, you can fill up a contact form and submit a request.
  4. – You can also go to and find you what problem you are facing while using Flickr. Once you identify the problem, then you can contact Flickr through the emails given above.
  5. Flickr headquarters – If you live in England, you can directly contact them at the address given down below. 

Flickr, Inc.

Attention: Privacy Manager

67 E Evelyn Ave, Ste 200

Mountain View, CA 94041, USA

Flickr, Inc.

C/o SmugMug Limited

Attention: Privacy Manager

3rd Floor, Chancery House, St. Nicholas Way

Sutton, England, SM1 1JB


Flickr is best at what they do. In fact, Flickr was the first photo and video sharing website. It provides you with features that make Flickr exciting to work on.

Flickr also has great customer support. If you want to recover your account or have any sort of problem with Flickr, you can contact them just by following these simple steps mentioned above.

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