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Flickr is amazing to upload and organize photos and videos. Flickr was founded on February 10, 2004. Flickr lets you upload 1000 photos and videos for free. It allows users to create image-based projects and professional photographers can make multiple albums for a specific client. Flickr is the best place to showcase your talent and passion for photography.

The best thing about Flickr is that you can meet like-minded people and share your experiences through Flickr Groups. When Flickr was founded in 2004, it was the first photo and video sharing website. Today we will how to upload photos to Flickr from Lightroom.

What is Lightroom?

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, besides taking great photos you have to treat them well. I mean you have to put a great image out in the world. Finding a way to edit your photos and organize them can be overwhelming.

There are multiple apps, software, and plugins out there that you can use to edit your photos but they limit what you can do and achieve. Photoshop Lightroom is the best way to edit and organize your photos. It is used by industry professionals.

It is the most famous software for editing your photos and organizing them. It has a simple and well-thought-out interface that is easy to use and is the best place to start your photo editing journey.

Lightroom is used more if you shoot your photographs raw or with a cheap camera. Raw camera photos need a lot of processing and Lightroom is the way to go. It is not a difficult program to learn for a beginner photo editor. You can purchase Lightroom with a plan starting at US$9.99/monthly or US$119.88/yearly.

After you have finished editing and organizing your photos in Lightroom, you can upload them to Flickr directly from Lightroom.

How to Upload Directly from Lightroom to Flickr

Uploading directly from lightroom to Flickr is a game changer. You can save your precious time and utilize it on other things. There are two ways to upload directly from Lightroom to Flickr.

  1. Uploading directly from Lightroom
  2. Uploading through a third-party plugin.

Uploading Directly from Lightroom

Let us set up Lightroom to Export our photos to Flickr.

  1. Open Lightroom, Go to the library section.
  2.  Select the photos you want to publish on Flickr.
  3. Under Publish Services, Click setup on the icon Flickr.
  4. Under Flickr Account, Click authorize.
  5. After clicking authorize, the Flickr page is going to launch.
  6. Click ok, I’ll authorize it. Then click open adobe photoshop lightroom.
  7. Click Done and Save.
  8.  Under Publish Services, Select and Drag your photos to the photostream section.
  9. Click on the photostream and click publish.

10. Your photos are now published on Flickr.

Uploading through a Third Party Plugin

There are a lot of third-party plugins out there through which you can publish your photos to Flickr. Some are free and for some, you have to pay from your pocket.

There is a plugin named Jeffrey’s ‘’Export to Flickr’’ Lightroom Plugin. It is free to use and you can download and install it from here

Let us see how you can publish your photos using this plugin.

  1. Open Lightroom, Go to File, and Click Plug-in Manager.
  2. After you have downloaded the plugin, you can install it just by clicking the add icon and selecting the downloaded file.
  3. After that just click add Plug-in. Now give the plug-in the permission to connect and upload photos from Lightroom to Flickr and then click done.
  4. Under Publish Services, you will be able to see your photo albums from Flickr.
  5. Now choose the photo/photos you want to publish on Flickr. Add the title, add the keyword tags, headlines, descriptions, etc.
  6. Under the Publish Services, Choose the album you want to publish your photo and then just drag and drop that photo into that album.
  7. Now click on the album and in the top right corner click publish.

8. Your photos are now published on Flickr.

This third-party plugin gives you more options to make changes while uploading through Lightroom. You can directly upload your photos to your Flickr albums. Uploading through a plugin really gives you an edge.


Flickr is a platform where everyone has a story. They share it through their passion for photography. People spend hours looking at photos on Flickr.

High-quality photos and videos are the unique feature of this website. You can upload your photos to Flickr from Lightroom just by following the simple steps given above. You go get the best out of Lightroom and Flickr.

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