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Flickr is one of the oldest and most popular photo-sharing websites. It was once considered to be the best platform for photographers, but has it lost its appeal over the years?

Let’s take a look at the current state of Flickr and see if it is still worth using.

Why to Use Flickr?

There are a number of reasons to use Flickr, but one of the biggest is that it provides users with a way to share their photos and videos with others. It’s also a great platform for photographers to showcase their work and connect with other like-minded creatives.

Another reason to use Flickr is that it can be used as a backup service for your photos and videos. By uploading your images and videos to Flickr, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll be safe and sound should something happen to your computer or phone.

Finally, Flickr is a great way to stay connected with friends and family who might be spread out across the globe. By sharing photos and videos on Flickr, you can keep everyone up-to-date on what’s going on in your life, no matter where they are.

Is Flickr Still Active?

Yes, Flickr is still active. It was acquired by SmugMug in April 2018. While there have been some changes to the site and its features since then, it remains a popular option for hosting and sharing photos.

How Is Flickr in 2022?

In 2022, Flickr will continue to be one of the most popular image-sharing platforms on the internet. It will boast a user base of millions of people from all over the world and will continue to be a go-to destination for anyone looking to share or view photos and videos.

The site will also remain a favorite among professional photographers and videographers, who will use it to showcase their work to a large audience.

While some of the site’s features may change over time, Flickr will remain a well-loved and widely used platform for years to come.

Will Flickr Suitable in 2023?

There’s no doubt that Flickr has been a hugely popular photo sharing site since it launched in 2004. In recent years, however, there have been some concerns about its future. One issue is that Flickr has been slow to adapt to the rise of mobile devices.

While other sites such as Instagram and Snapchat have embraced mobile users, Flickr has lagged behind. This could be a problem in the future as more and more people use mobile devices to access the internet.

Another issue is that Flickr has been less aggressive than some of its competitors when it comes to monetizing its user base.

While sites like Instagram and Snapchat have introduced features that allow users to buy products or make in-app purchases, Flickr has largely stayed away from this. This could be a problem if the company doesn’t find a way to generate revenue from its users in the future.

Do Professional Photographers Still Use Flickr?

Professional photographers have been using Flickr since it launched in 2004. It’s a great way to share photos and connect with other photographers. Many professional photographers still use Flickr today. Some of the reasons why include:

-The ability to connect with other photographers

-A large community of like-minded people

-A wide variety of photo sharing options

-Flexible privacy settings

-A robust search engine

What Is the Best Alternative to Flickr?

Flickr was one of the first popular image hosting services on the internet. It was created in 2004 and quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the most widely used image hosting platforms by 2007.

However, Flickr has since declined in popularity, due in part to the rise of other image hosting platforms such as Imgur and Pinterest.

One potential alternative to Flickr is Imgur. Imgur is a free image hosting service that does not require a user account to upload images. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. In addition, Imgur does not place any limits on file size or storage space.

Another alternative to Flickr is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share images and videos. Pinterest also offers a paid subscription service that gives users unlimited storage space and access to additional features such as analytics and image editing.

Which of these three services is the best alternative to Flickr? That depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a simple, free image hosting service, then Imgur is a good option. If you need more storage space and advanced features, then Pinterest might be a better choice.


Flickr is a great way to share photos with friends and family, as well as with other photographers. It is still active and has many features that make it an attractive platform for sharing photos.

However, there are some alternatives that may be better suited for professional photographers in the future.

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