Riddhish Chaudhari

I, Riddhish, Founder of Tipz Today. I’m a full-time blogger and a digital marketer.

I have completed my graduation in mechanical engineering from Pune. I

I have worked with various industries and have a piece of good knowledge about marketing concepts.

My favorite field of interest in digital marketing is social media marketing. I have created many infographic designs and various content for marketing campaigns. I also love to create presentations to provide value to my audience.

Tipz Today started in August 2019 an initiative to help you grow.

Tipz Today – a blog that is dedicated to providing you tips related to business and marketing. The motive of starting this blog is to help small businesses to scale their business to the next level with the help of digital marketing. We focus on social media tips and email tips to help readers to solve their issues and focus on email marketing and social media marketing.

This blog also focuses on various platforms like blogging and technical concepts related to it. Also, our team is focusing on presenting product reviews to help readers get the right product as per their choice.

If you are thinking to start a blog, then let me help you.

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Our team focuses on improving the content and providing you the best and valuable information to help you read, learn and grow.