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Tech, as in technology is the foundation of our new, progressive world. The right type of knowledge, when applied to the right situation, and the right place, can lead to wonders. 

The tech world has ever so often, brought out revolutionary changes and discoveries within itself. However, it’s outreach? That is one thing that has been uncontainable. It has spread out and wide, and has positively influenced the whole world. 

What Are Tech Blogs?

Tech blogs are an excellent way to offer one’s insight and to gain that of others, about all things related to tech. 

The arena of technology is vast. These tech blogs make it relatively easier to navigate. With experience, advice, and expertise in the said area, various writers and experts in the industry put forth whatever they have to offer, through these blogs. 

Top 50 Tech Blogs

The Verge

The Verge is what one may call, the blog of the future. A tech blog that features how technology, can change the world and in turn, influence the future. 


Wired is a blog that focuses on how technology continues to influence various aspects of the world. It does so by covering past, present and future trends in the tech industry.


Mashable is the perfect platform for all content creators, who have a particular liking for the tech niche.

Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a blog for the namely, tech geeks. Founded and now run by Ken Fisher, this blog is surely a nurturer for the curious tech mind. 


ZDNet was founded almost 30 years ago and serves as a leading blog in the arena of technology. They cover everything from latest news to analysis and development. 


Recode is blog that concerns itself with the news and updates relating to the Silicon Valley. This blog is owned by VOX media. 

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is a tech blog covering technology news and lifestyle. This blog masters perfectly, the way to fit these both together. 


9to5Mac was founded by Seth Weintraub, and serves as a leading blog in delivering news from within the Apple community. 

Apple Insider

Apple Insider is a blog for all those willing to look into the news related to apple products, and new developments in the Apple market.


This blog is created for Linux developers. This team focuses on Nginx, JSON editor and many more.

Android Authority

Android Authority has a following of over 6 million. This blog serves as a window into the world’s most prominent operating system. 


Techmeme is a tech blog that helps its reader look into and know about the advancements in the industry. The blog features articles from various commentators and experts, makin it just as much reliable. 


ReadWrite is a subject specific tech blog that focuses on certain aspects and parts of the tech industry. These include, AI, smart home etc. 

BBC News » Technology

BBC News » Technology offers the latest news and updates related to various technologies. Be it computing or new tech startups, you can find it all here. 

How-To Geek

How-To Geek is a tech magazine that aims to provide reviews, tutorials and tips in relation to Windows and Linux.


O’Reilly is an excellent source to enhance one’s technical knowledge, and learn something new in the process through the material provided by the experts. 


TechCrunch was founded by the profound Michael Arrington. Later being sold off to AOL, for whatever reason has not affected the quality of this blog one bit. It still is considered as one of the leading blogs in the tech industry, that covers news related to the tech industry. 


Gizmodo is a multifaceted blog, that covers topics related to science, science fiction, and most importantly, technology. 


CNET is a blog that features new findings, discoveries and revolutionary discoveries in the field of tech, that may otherwise go overlooked. 


VentureBeat was found 14 years ago, and to this date it serves as a news and research blog. 


Engadget deals with serving technology related news and reviews in a compelling way. This blog is sure to appease every techno buff out there. 

Mac Rumors

Mac Rumors is a result of the efforts of founder, Arnold Kim. The said blog focuses on attracting audience that is both related with consuming and producing in the tech industry. 

The Next Web

The Next Web handles the technical side of technology. If your interest lies in how things work, how and why they are made, etcetera etcetera, this is the blog for you. 


TechRepublic is a blog that helps industries in the IT business make decisions based on different comparable perimeters. 

Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon is a multifaceted blog that covers not only one, but multiple aspects related to the tech industry. Be it news or business information, you can find it all here. 


GeekWire was founded almost 10 years ago. This tech blog serves as a news site and source of information for people all around the world.  

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is a tech blog that features and covers topics that are mainly, Artificial intelligence, Climate Change, Biotechnology, Humans & Technology and Space.

The New York Times » Technology

The New York Times » Technology blog delivers news related to the tech industry. It is a place for ideas, opinions and analysis-based facts about all things tech. 

IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum presents analysis from the world’s leading and renowned engineering magazines. 

Business Insider » Tech

Business Insider » Tech deals with the business side of technology. If you’re looking for insights, analysis, news and headlines that might help you in your business, or form an opinion, this is ths blog for you. 

Firstpost Tech

Firstpost Tech offers latest news related to tablets, mobiles, gaming and even tech deals. They also offer insightful expert analysis. 

Data Driven Investor

Data Driven Investor is a blog that presents expert opinions on certain topics. This includes, entrepreneurship, crypto currency, tech market and many more. 


InfoWorld is a blog that acts as an insight into the emerging technology. Along with that, it also aims to provide sources, all concern with technology and its development.

BGR Tech

BGR Tech is a technology news-based blog that delivers the latest news, reviews and trends, all related to technology. 

Rasmussen University » Technology Blog

Rasmussen University » Technology Blog features various tips and tutorials related to various IT trends and technologies. 


ExtremeTech is a blog that covers expert analysis and news related to the release of new softwares and emerging trends in science and technology. 

Campaign UK » Tech

Campaign UK » Tech is a blog based on different technology news and expert analysis from all around the world. 


SiliconANGLE covers many topics of interest in the tech industry. This includes, emerging tech, cloud, blockchain etcetera.

Vulcan Post

Vulcan Post sometimes covers very specific areas. These include, blockchains, e-commerce based on technology, new discoveries in the digital world, startups and much more.

Dong Knows Tech

Dong Knows Tech features news, analysis and latest developments in the tech industry. The distinct feature of this blog is that it contains tutorials that are based on real life experiences and may be easier to understand. 

Hackaday Blog

Hackaday Blog puts forth various hacks related to different things. This may include, Android, computers, engineering etcetera. 

The Register

The Register is a highly popular, tech newsb-blog. This blog is a must for all business personell as well as anyone, willing to enter the tech industry. 


TechHive is a consumer review and trends-based blog that is beneficial for the tech-based businesses. It serves as a means for devising a better market strategy, as well as keep a track of one’s performance. 


Droidviews as the name suggests, is an Android based blog. Here one can find information, tutorials, news and analysis based around the Android Operating System. 


Techdirt is a uniquely presented tech blog. It takes an economical approach in aroder to asses and deliver various news and analysis. These may be related to technology, or changes in the government policies.

Redmond Pie

Redmond Pie is a blog based on and around, technologies produced by Apple, Google and Microsoft. From news to tricks, this blog has got it all. 


MobileSyrup is a tech review, analysis and news-based blog that covers all of the tech industry.

The Gadget Flow Blog

The Gadget Flow Blog features various things all related to technology. This includes, gadget reviews, stories related to products, marketing strategies and much more. 

Talk Tech To Me By GFI

Talk Tech To Me By GFI is a tech blog for the professionals working in the IT field. The blog covers issues related to professions, highlights various trends and also provides tips on business management. 


Forkast covers various stories and incidents related to the emergence of different technologies, as well as presents knowledge about the same. 


iLounge blog is solely based on providing information, tutorials and development in the products produced by Apple. This may include their, iPhone, iPad, iPod etcetera. 

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Technology is a subject that holds knowledge far and beyond anyone’s reach. There are new developments everyday, new inventions and even the most prominent ones, can go overlooked. 

These tech blogs may not seem as interesting to someone who doesn’t have interest in technology but, for those that do, these can surely serve as a window into a world that we know so little about. 

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