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Flickr is a photo and video sharing platform used by millions around the globe. It was founded by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake in 2004. It is an online community of passionate people sharing their ideas and passion for what they love and believe in. Flickr is famous for its high-quality photos and videos. Flickr has a user base of 112 million. Every day 3.5 million + photos are uploaded on Flickr. Let’s see what features Flickr offers.

Is Flickr photos free to use?

Not entirely. Users can upload 1000 photos on a free account. The maximum photo size limit is 200MB and the maximum video size limit is 1GB. Users can also switch to a Pro account just for $6.99 per year. Users can upload unlimited photos and videos from a pro account. Flickr Pro subscription provides you with unlimited storage and more features like advanced stats, ad-free browsing, and sharing, and automatic backups of photos and videos. Partners discount etc. 

What is Flickr?

Flickr Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

Flickr is an online photo-sharing platform used by professionals and photography enthusiasts. Flickr is a place where you can find high-resolution photos and videos and you can also buy and sell photos and videos here. It provides you with features like arranging, organizing, sharing, etc. It has a user-friendly interface and anyone can learn it just by playing around a little bit. If you want to know more about how Flickr works then read the full article.

How does it work?

Flickr is a social networking website used for uploading and sharing photos and videos online. It provides you with digital galleries and albums which are unique in their own way. There are groups in which you can find like-minded people and interact with them. Other features like photo stats help users grow. 

Features on Flickr

  1. Profile: Like your profile on Instagram and Facebook, you have a profile on Flickr. It’s like a portfolio. Everyone can see your media and react to it as well. 
  2. Galleries: This feature is a little different and exciting at the same time. You can also add other users’ media to your galleries. You can have 50 photos or videos in a single gallery.
  3. Albums: Flickr provides you with a digital album where you can organize your photos and videos. This feature can be very useful for professional photographers as they can use specific albums for a specific client. We can use it like we organize our photos and videos separately. 
  4. Photostream: Photostream is a collection of photos and videos which only belongs to you. You can keep it private as well as public. Everyone can see your photostream collection if it’s set to public. But if your photostream collection is set to private then only you and other users whom you have allowed can see it. 
  5. Faves: When you see a picture on Flickr and you want to save it or work on it later then you can do it just by clicking the star icon in the bottom left corner of the picture.
  1. People: You can connect with like-minded people on Flickr. You can join groups where you can make virtual friends and share your photos and videos with them. You can also import your contact list from your cell phone and connect with people who are close to you. Flickr is a great place to make friends and grow your audience.
  2. Stats: The secret to any successful social media influencer is how well you connect with the audience. The stats feature shows you how your photos and videos are being discovered. This is a very helpful feature for those who want to grow and build a brand out of it. It can help you gain more followers and engagement. You can also enable the advanced photo and video stats feature just by switching from a free to a Pro account


Flickr is a great place to start your photography journey. It is filled with beautiful and high-resolution images. There is more new and exciting on Flickr. It has the simplest user interface and anyone can learn it. So go and create a Flickr account today.

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