Affiliate Marketing Academy Review: Go From Zero To $10,000/month

Introduction Affiliate Marketing Academy Review:

Welcome to my Affiliate Marketing Academy review. I’m Riddhish, an affiliate marketer working in this industry for the last 5 years.

Meii is the creator of this Affiliate Marketing Academy!

Affiliate Marketing Academy will help you Go From Zero To $10,000/month With Affiliate Marketing And Free Traffic! Even If You’re A Complete Beginner, Without Experience.

Product Overview:

Front End Price$17
Money-Back Guarantee30-Day Money Back Guarantee
My Product Rating9/10
Official Website>> VISIT HERE <<

Why Affiliate Marketing Academy is Recommended?

Affiliate Marketing Academy has Free traffic strategies that are a perfect fit for beginners. Even better that these specific strategies are easy to implement and produce INSANE results.

Free Traffic Strategy #1:

  • A brand new site went from 0 to 12,000 visitors per month in less than 4 weeks
  • A different brand new site went from 0 to 70,000 visitors per month in less than 4 months
  • And a third site went from 0 to 285,000 visitors per month in less than a year

Free Traffic Strategy #2:

  • A brand new site went from 0 to $2,580 in only 3 days
  • A different brand new site went from 0 to over 35,000 visitors and over $17,000 in less than 4 weeks
  • And a third brand new site went from 0 to over 100,000 visitors per month in less than a year

Free Traffic Strategy #3:

  • A brand new site went from 0 to over 10,000 visitors, more than 6,000 email subscribers, and over $8,000, in less than 4 weeks
  • A brand new site went from 0 to over 7,000 email subscribers in less than 2 months
  • And a third brand new site went from 0 to over 2,800 email subscribers in less than 2 weeks

How Does Affiliate Marketing Academy Work?

Going way back to the basics… starting from absolute scratch… what I would do to build a $10k/mo business.

Everything video recorded on screen for you to see. Absolutely NOTHING left out.

I’m talking EVERYTHING.

From the very beginning…

Buying the domain name…

Signing up for hosting…

Signing up for an autoresponder…

Installing WordPress…

Installing a WordPress theme…

Installing the necessary WordPress plugins…

Creating/getting/adding content…

Adding the email form to the site…

Setting up the autoresponder…


That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ll talk about choosing a niche, choosing a product to promote as an affiliate, the best networks to use to find products, and more.

Affiliate Marketing Academy Benefits:

  • Build a $5k/Month Business in 3 Days
  • Free Facebook Traffic Hack
  • Old-School Outdated Traffic Source Brought Back to Life
  • The Highest Paying Online Job
  • My Most Successful Affiliate Campaign
  • Zero to 6-Figures Per Month in 9 Months as a Newbie

What Will You Get Inside?

Here’s everything you get:

  • 30 Days Detailed Action Plan From Meii Sapphire ($97 Value)
  • 30 Days of Private Coaching From Meii Sapphire ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Exclusive Traffic Training of 3 Free Traffic Sources ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Exclusive WordPress Theme For Affiliates ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Exclusive WordPress Cloud Hosting Discount ($50 Value)
  • BONUS: Exclusive Marketing Template Collection ($197 Value)



Affiliate Marketing Academy Funnel Information:

OTO 1: INCLUDES ALL 18 ISSUES The Opportunity Letter Complete Archive

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover inside the archive: New Underground Traffic Source: This new traffic source will create many first-time millionaires

* Build a $5k/Month Business in 3 Days: An instructional story of how I built a $5k/mo business in 3 days and the strategy I used

*Free Facebook Traffic Hack: How to hack the Facebook algorithm for a metric butt-ton of free traffic

*Old-School Outdated Traffic Source Brought Back to Life: This 20-year-old traffic source gives all new meaning to a few smart marketers Unconventional Campaign Generates TONS of Cheap Leads: This unique approach to list-building cuts lead costs in half This Strategy Gets Thousands of Email Subscribers For FREE: Underused free traffic strategy to build your email list fast

*The Highest Paying Online Job: Work From Home, 1 Hour A Day, $200,000 A Year

*My Most Successful Affiliate Campaign: Myth Busted: Direct- Linking Is NOT Dead Weight Loss Affiliate Campaign Targeting An Underserved Niche: Talk About A MASSIVE Opportunity For Affiliates How We Plan To Make An Extra 7-Figures Per Year: A Simple Strategy To Drive Traffic And Make Money Affiliate Marketing 2.0, Reloaded, Ready To Crush It: Never Worry About Getting Banned Again

* A Shady Arbitrage Strategy or Is It Pure Genius? The Most Advanced Arbitrage Strategy You’ve Never Seen How To Uncover Hidden Pockets Of Affiliate Cash Using One Simple Tool: 160K Searches Per Month-Only 6c Per Click

* Zero to 6-Figures Per Month in 9 Months as a Newbie: Anyone Can Start This Online Business TODAY My Secret Underground Traffic Network I Use to Send 3¢ Clicks to Clickbank Offers: One of My Campaigns Had an ROI of 1,871%!

And More…

OTO 2: The Best Affiliate Buying Guide for Rankings & Earnings!

If you want to take ALL of the guesswork out of how to structure and optimize an affiliate buying guide to help it rank higher in Google and make more money online, then this template pack is for you.

Inside, you’ll find my PROVEN OUTLINES for how to set up a top 10 style affiliate product review page that can get you more targeted keyword traffic and higher conversions with less work!

I also give you my CUSTOM CSS and HTML CODE for creating awesome comparison tables with the most POPULAR & FREE WordPress plugin available so you don’t have a hire a developer to do this coding work for you or get stuck paying for yearly plugin fees.

Affiliate Marketing Academy Vendor Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Auto Content Machine

BONUS 2: SharpShopify Plugin

BONUS 3: SiteAnalyzer


BONUS 5: WP Profit Page Creator

BONUS 6: WP Visitor Chat

BONUS 7: Instant Affiliate Shopping Search Engine

BONUS 8: Any Website Cloner

BONUS 9: WP Simple Geo

BONUS 10: WP WebTransformer

BONUS 11: Easy Squeeze Page Tester

BONUS 12: WP Popup Pro

BONUS 13: WP Copy Guard

BONUS 14: WP Instant Decor

BONUS 15: WP Viral Click

BONUS 16: Supreme Affiliate

BONUS 17: Traffic Manager (manage your website traffic from one dashboard)

BONUS 18: WP AutoSpinner

BONUS 19: WPMultiCommission – all in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites

BONUS 20: Soci Buzzinar

BONUS 21: Viral Soci Sharer & Locker

BONUS 22: Interactive Image Builder

BONUS 23: Support Board v1.2.9 – Chat And Help Desk

BONUS 24: ViralApp Builder – Viral news, lists, quiz, videos & polls App

BONUS 25: Instant Publisher (Create Instant Facebook Articles & Simple Google AMP Blogs)

BONUS 26: Traffic Hover (Monetize Any Image Shared on Social Media)

BONUS 27: Azonpress App

BONUS 28: RSS Pro WordPress Plugin

BONUS 29: WP Viral Traffic Ninja

BONUS 30: Viral Article Producer (Platinum Edition)

BONUS 31: Unique Ebook Generator PRO

BONUS 32: Google Traffic RPI Check Software

BONUS 33: Viral Affiliate PDF Brander Software\

BONUS 34: Lead Capture Pro

BONUS 35: Premier Widgets

BONUS 36: Share-subscribe-contact-aio-Widget

Final Opinion

Affiliate Marketing Academy, guided by the industry expert, Meii. This is your rare chance to learn from one of the best in affiliate marketing.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills, this course is tailored for you. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Affiliate Disclosure: Affiliate links are used in this content. I will receive a little commission if you purchase any product using one of the links in this post. But there are no additional costs for you.


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